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Skylar an Australian Sheherd who died eating Purina's Waggin'Train chicken jerky

Skylar, my best friend killed by Nestle Purina's Waggin'Train chicken jerky made in China

This website is dedicated to the memory of Skylar, an Australian Shepherd who was my best friend and constant companion. He died in horrible agony from eating chicken jerky that is made in China and sold though Waggin’Train, a subsidiary of Nestle Purina. I bought it at Costco.

The Waggin’Train package cleverly says that “Waggin’Train is an American owned company,” so I never noticed that this deadly treat was made in China. How awful is it that Purina is fully aware that the products they sell often causes irreversible kidney damage and death in dogs. Yet they refuse to either pull the product off shelves or have it safely made in the USA.

Is sheer profit the only thing Nestle Purina cares about? The very least one might expect from them is that the food they sell to pet owners does not kill dogs.

Only after Skylar, the healthiest and happiest dog, got severe kidney disease on his 5th birthday did I learn online that the FDA repeatedly warns that this treat often causes this disease in dogs. The VMA and countless numbers of websites also has issued dire warnings. Two competent veterinarians confirmed that Skylar died from the chicken jerky.

Watching my best friend slowly die in agony from the treats I fed him was the worst weeks of my life. It haunts me. It always will.

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  1. This is terrible!! I am so sorry for everyone that has lost their beloved companion!! My heart goes out to you!!! This also scares the hell out of me, as I have 4 dogs that look forward to these treats every morning. They will not get anything by purina!! That company should be sued!!!

  2. Has there been any proof that it’s this particular brand that causes sickness or death in dogs? I don’t understand why a recall or at least the product being pulled off the shelf hasn’t been done yet!

  3. A very competent and highly regarded veterinarian diagnosed and attributed his death to the Nestle Purina brand of chicken jerky, the only treat Skylar was given. In addition, the FDA sent an inspector to our home to retrieve the remaining treats and used it in their analysis prior to their latest warning on November 18, 2011.

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