James Sinegal and Craig Jelinek: Why Does Costco Sell Purina’s Waggin’Train Deadly Chicken Jerky?

An Open Letter to Costco Top Executives James Sinegal and Craig Jelinek Asking Why Costco Sells Nestle Purina Chicken Jerky FDA Repeatedly Warns Can  Sicken and Kill Dogs

Dear Mr. Sinegal and Mr. Jelinek ,

Are you aware that Nestle Purina’s Waggin’ Train brand of imported chicken jerky that Costco continues to sell is made in China? Have you recently seen on TV, or read in the newspapers or on popular news sites, that over the past year (and prior years too) the FDA has repeatedly warned that countless dogs have been made sick by China made jerky, and many have died.

Skylar, a 5-year old Australian Shepherd killed by Nestle Purina's Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky bought and still sold at Costco

Just like my best friend and beloved companion, Skylar. A beautiful Australian Shepherd dog who died an agonizing death from kidney failure right around his fifth birthday. He was killed by Nestle Purina’s Waggin’ Train chicken jerky that I bought at Costco. The cause of his death was confirmed and documented by a creditable veterinarian and the remaining food provided to FDA inspectors.

May I ask you, Mr. Sinegal and Mr. Jelinek, would Costco sell toys that the Consumer Product Safety Commission warns may occasionally shock children, and sometimes electrocute them? Would you sell food to children that the FDA warned occasionally made then sick and sometimes killed them? So, why do you devalue the lives of our precious pets and sell treats that the FDA repeatedly warns may cause illness and sometimes death?

When I learned what killed my dog I immediately called your buyer. She was fully aware of the complaints about Nestle Purina’s Waggin’ Train chicken jerky. She said that the manufacturer assured her that the treats were fine and that was good enough for her. Did I accidentally call the Purina sales representative? Your buyer certainly cared more about Purina’s interests than that of the safety of the Costco customer.

Although not a single executive from Nestle Purina responded back to me when I tried to contact them, they did have their insurance adjuster call me. She gave me assurances that Purina wanted to assist me with the close to $2,000 in direct expenses brought on by Skylar’s death. It never was about the money. However, when I recently tried to contact their adjuster, she never responded back. I have since read online that Purina is not reimbursing anyone for the death of their dogs.

You must know that millions of Costco members depend on your integrity to never knowingly sell products that will harm them or their loved ones. Especially a product the FDA repeatedly warns sometimes causes sickness and death.

Do you think that at the very least Costco should post a POS warning, just like on cigarettes, that the FDA warns that chicken jerky made in China may cause sickness and death in your dog? Then people might know what symptoms to look for and know when to stop administering the poison.

Most important, Mr. Sinegal and Mr. Jelinek, do you care that Costco sold me and one of my neighbors — and countless other members — Purina Waggin’Train chicken jerky made in China that the FDA warns may sicken and kill our dogs? Attached is his picture. You have no idea of the irrevocable harm you did to him and to me. I am so heartbroken and lonely for him.

Let me ask you again, do you care?


Robert  Schumacher
Costco Gold Star Member since 1999

One thought on “James Sinegal and Craig Jelinek: Why Does Costco Sell Purina’s Waggin’Train Deadly Chicken Jerky?

  1. Your letter was stunning. What tremendous grief. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting this for all to see.
    I work with pets and have seen signs of a highly allergic reactions to their food. The one thread I could find in common was that they all ate chicken pet food. Found a pet food recall in Australia. Many dogs and cats died because the chicken was irradiated. That was 2009. Seeing even more animals sick today, March 2012. In Australia the cause of death was ataxia. This attacks the central nervous system and travels to the brain, death occurs.

    The pet treats are just the tip of the iceberg.

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